Vegamatrix FTB, 8 oz

Vegamatrix FTB, 8 oz


FTB, crafted as a superior pest management tool, is 100% VEGANIC and is safe for use on all your growing plants. It kills and defends against many garden pests including mites and powdery mildew when used in a preventative maintenance plan. It contains a natural terpene booster and geraniol and soybean oil that coats the pests. This immobilizes them and starts to suffocate the mites by blocking the tracheae. Sodium lauryl sulfate also acts as a surfactant which improves the coverage of the active ingredients. The isopropyl helps prevent excess build up on the plant.

FTB is safe to use right up until harvest without risk of harming the flavor or smell of your plants.

Developed in Sonoma, CA, FTB is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticides exempted under FIFRA 25 (b)


      Item Number: 411154
      Universal Product Code: 758524890859
      Brand: Vegamatrix

      Not for sale in the following location(s): OR, CA.

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