Wonder Soil Expanding Worm Wafers, 7 lbs

Wonder Soil Expanding Worm Wafers, 7 lbs


Worm Wafers Dry Compressed Castings with Microbes,  7 lbs

Description: Patented. ¾" compressed expanding worm casting wafers: The wafers are formulated with 70% worm castings and 30% coir, mycorrhizae, and kelp. The 7 lbs expands to 1 cu ft The wafers can be included in mixes or used as a natural nutrient source in any blend.

Features & Benefits: The worm wafers offer the grower a lighter and cleaner bag that is easier to carry, store and use as needed. This blend promotes a stronger root system, and offers a natural source of slow release nutrients.

  • Made in the USA
  • Slow release natural fertilizer
  • The microbes are activated when hydrated
  • Stronger & larger root system
  • Ships dry
  • Bug & pathogen free
  • Easy to carry, store and use as needed
  • Expands to 1 cu ft
  • Reclosable bag for easy storage
  • Beneficial for all phases of gardening and landscaping
  • Lightweight, clean and easy to use
  • Patented

Package Details:

Bag of dry compressed wafers of worm castings and coco coir

Technical Specs:

7 lb. bag 12" x 9" x .5



Item Number: 411181
Universal Product Code: 892541000218
Brand: Wonder Soil

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