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Wonder Soil Expand & Plant Organic Coir Granules with Perlite, 10 lbs

Wonder Soil Expand & Plant Organic Coir Granules with Perlite, 10 lbs


Expand & Plant Organic Coir Granules with Microbes & Nutrients 10 lbs fills 2 cu. ft

A patented blend of compressed coir granules that are formulated for the grower in mind. The Blend includes coir, worm castings, mycorrhizae, azomite, kelp, and organic nutrients. Worm castings and zeolite promote better aeration and drainage. Expands to 2 cu ft with water.

Features & Benefits:

The Premium granules can be used as needed and easily stored in the reclosable bag. The blend is formulated with triple washed coir to guarantee low salts. The premium growing granules expand up to 7 times in volume when hydrated. this blend promotes a stronger root system, faster germination and enhanced plant growth for optimal gardening success. Easy to use compressed granules.

  • Made in the USA.
  • No Fillers are used
  • Ships dry
  • Bug & pathogen free 
  • Dry compressed granules offer flexibility and are used as needed
  • Blend promotes faster germination with a higher % of germination success
  • The granules expand when hydrated
  • Reduces watering and leaching of nutrients
  • Optimal air to water ratio 
  • Sterile and safe around children and pets
  • The granules grow stronger seedlings with larger root systems
  • The granules can be used for seed starting to mature plants
  • The hydrated blend maintains its unique open texture unlike other soil mixes
  • Lightweight, clean, easy to use, and easy to store
  • Eliminates plant loss due to root and crown rot diseases
  • Zeolite reduces watering and leaching of nutrients
  • Patented 

Package Details:

10 lb. reclosable stand up bag

Technical Specs:

17.75" x 14" x 5.25" inches


Item Number: 411190
Universal Product Code: 892541000478
Brand: Wonder Soil

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