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GREE VIREO+ 12,000 BTU 22 SEER Indoor unit 208-230V

GREE VIREO+ 12,000 BTU 22 SEER Indoor unit 208-230V


Presenting the new Vireo+ inverter heat pump mini-split from GREE, the most trusted HVAC manufacturer in the world. With the leading cutting edge technology, it is driven by GREE's famous G10 inverter compressor system up to 23 SEER, achieving energy savings year around. The product also has unparalleled features that make it a perfect option for your home or office needs. Its aesthetic and minimalistic design blends well with any decor and its high-quality construction guarantees a long product life. In addition, the system has a convenient control center that allows complete control of the temperature, operation, fan speed, airflow direction and more. The Vireo+ is a smart decision all around, combining world-class technology, aesthetic design and cool comfort that will not impact the environment or your wallet.

  • Minimalistic Design - The unit is designed to blend well in any living space. The slim compact cabinet hangs inconspicuously on the wall and mixes well with most interior designs.
  • Unit Display - The Vireo+ wall-mounted units have an easy-to-read display and indicator lights, which provide information on room set point and operating mode, among other features. The display may be turned off for your convenience.
  • Multiple speed fan - The indoor fan can operate at one of four speeds (low, medium, high or turbo) for cool or heat mode, to provide maximum comfort and quiet operation.
  • Timer - The unit may be programmed to turn ON or OFF after a selected time.
  • I Feel mode - Senses the room temperature from the remote control(cooling mode only) which is closest to you, instead of at the indoor unit. This means that it will adjust airflow and temperature for maximum personal comfort.
  • Adjustable airflow - The Vireo+ system has a bi-directional airflow control for maximum comfort. The indoor unit has adjustable vertical swing louvers and can be set in multiple discharge directions.
  • Privacy lock mode - Both the wired and wireless controllers have a privacy lock to prevent unauthorized access to system settings.
  • Sleep mode - The Vireo+ has three sleep modes that automatically adjust the room's temperature. The slight shift in temperature will not affect your comfort level but it will significantly save in energy consumption.
  • Quiet Mode - The Vireo+ will function at very low noise levels, to achieve this the unit will operate at normal speed for the first ten(10) minutes or until the room set point temperature is reached, the unit will operate quietly at low fan speed.
  • Energy Savings Mode - This feature will automatically select the optimal compressor and fan speeds to allow for energy savings while operating in cool or heat modes.
  • Fahrenheit °F / Celsius °C - The wired and wireless controllers can be programmed to display the temperature in °F or °C.
  • Self-diagnostics - The system has a built-in computer which uses real-time diagnostics which help prolong the unit's life. The automatic diagnostics feature continuously scans for errors or malfunctions and fault codes are shown on the unit display to facilitate troubleshooting and repair.
  • High efficiency G-10 Inverter Technology - The G10 inverter operates at different capacities, making it the most efficient technology today. Unlike conventional systems, that regulate room temperatures running at the maximum capacity and then turning off completely, the G10 inverter technology eliminates these frequent starts/stops. The inverter technology ensures the system will reach the desired temperature much faster and maintain consistent comfort levels, therefore achieving higher efficiency and significant energy savings.
  • Heat pump advantage - Gree heat pumps, powered by the G10 Inverter, provide heat at up to 1/3 the cost of electric heat, while using as little as 1/3 of the electricity.
  • Resilient Construction - The outdoor unit has a robust, heavy gauge steel frame construction which is easy to maintain while providing years of reliable operation.
  • Low voltage start-up - The system will operate from 187V to 253V (230V models) and 103V to 127V (115V models) adapting to unstable power, avoiding system failure.
  • Whisper Quiet Operation - The Vireo+ will not disturb your comfort as it operates below typical library sound levels.
  • Intelligent defrost - This increases energy savings by defrosting only when needed.
  • Blue Fin condenser - Blue Fin condenser coating maintains excellent heat transfer properties and provides years of reliable service.
  • Power failure mode - If the power is interrupted and returns, your comfort will not be compromised, the system will automatically return to the last operating mode.
  • Intelligent pre-heating - This convenient feature monitors the discharge air temperature, and delays the indoor fan until the coil has warmed up to prevent cold air blowing into the room.
  • Polymeric air filters - Protect your unit and improve air quality by preventing dust and debris from degrading system performance. The filters are washable and permanent for your convenience.
  • Agency Listings - All systems are listed with AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) and are ETL Certified per UL Standards.
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Control the comfort with your Smartphone - For the ultimate inconvenience, upgrade your Vireo+ to Universal WIFI and smartphone control. Simple and easy, allowing you to adjust comfort levels from anywhere you have WIFI access through your smartphone. The system is compatible with devices using standard Android or IOS operating systems.

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Brand: GREE

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