Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening Learning Center


Instructions for the Multi Flow System. Perhaps the best hydroponic system ever made. ;) And a sales flier.

Here's a good article for beginners to hydroponics discussing different types of systems and how they work.

Hydroponics, gardening without soil. Article about hydroponics and four different types of systems.

Here's a definition of Rockwool and description of the different products used for hydroponics.

How to build a typical ebb and flow tray system.

Details about our popular Multi Flow Hydroponic System.

Frequently asked questions page about hydroponics and indoor gardening.

Hydroponic Nutrient

Nutrient strength is measured in parts per million (PPM) and electrical conductivity (EC). Learn why you should know the difference

Basic nutrient deficiencies table. With a list of elements that may be the suspect.

Symptoms of deficiencies and toxicities for the 13 elements found in hydroponic nutrient.

Indoor Gardening

Controlling heat in the grow room is very important. This article will give you an idea of how it's done.

How to take and root cuttings (clones). This is probably the hardest part to master.

Indoor gardening and the environmental issues you will face.

Here is a CO2 calculator that will tell you how long a carbon dioxide tank will last.

Grow Lights

A page about the different types of grow lights and how to select one.

Here's a page about the different types of lights that can be used for growing.

Do you want to run you lights on 220 volts to save power? If so, you should read this first. Watts cheaper 110 or 220?

A definition of CRI, Color Temperature and Lumens for high intensity discharge lights.

The basic information on how to choose a grow light

Calculator for finding the cost to operate a grow light and the bulb replacement cost.

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