Exhaust Blower Specifications

Exhaust blowers are used for venting the heat out of your grow room. They pull air in the side of the blower and pump it out the front. They have a flange on the front for mounting on a wall or inside a grow box. Some of the exhaust blowers have a round inlet flange for connecting duct tubing so you can pull air off a grow light or from another room.

We also have in-line fans. These are also used for venting heat out of the growing area but they're designed a bit different. In-line fans have round duct connectors on each side so you can use them in-line with duct tubing. They also have mounting brackets to hole the fan in place.

The in-line fans are different from exhaust blowers in the way they move air. Exhaust blowers have a round squirrel cage that rotates. The in-line fans look more like a jet engine on the inside. In-line fans create much more pressure than exhaust blowers and this is very important when you are trying to move air down a tube. An exhaust blower with the same cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating as an in-line fan will not push, or pull air as far down a tube as the in-line.

We also have a few duct boosters. They look similar to the in-line fans but are not designed the same. The duct boosters have an open blade fan on the inside and do not create as much pressure as an in-line fan or an exhaust blower.

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