Symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in plants

This is a chart showing some common symptoms of nutrient deficiency and over fertilization. Always remember that you never want to over compensate for any deficiency because of the risk of over fertilization. Use caution when adjusting the strength of the nutrient solution. Deficiencies may also be attributed to a solution is too acidic or too alkaline so pay close attention to your pH. In order for all elements to be readily available to the plant the pH should stay in the range of 6.5.

Click Here for a list of elements along with their signs of deficiency and toxicity.

Symptoms Suspected Element
N P K Mg Fe Cu Zn B Mo Mn Over
Yellowing of Younger leaves check check
Yellowing of Middle leaves                 check    
Yellowing of Older leaves check   check check     check        
Yellowing Between veins       check           check  
Old leaves drop check                    
Leaf Curl Over       check              
Leaf Curl Under     check     check         check
Leaf tips burn, Younger leaves               check      
Leaf tips burn, Older leaves check           check        
Young leaves wrinkle and curl     check       check check check    
Dead areas in the leaves     check check check   check     check  
Leaf growth stunted check check                  
Dark green/purplish leaves and stems   check                  
Pale green leaf color check               check    
Leaf Spotting             check        
Spindly check                    
Soft stems check   check                
Hard/brittle stems   check check                
Growing tips die     check         check      
Stunted root growth   check                  
Wilting           check          

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