"Made the mistake of first ordering this chiller from one of your competitors.They did nothing more than slap a shipping sticker on the box and sent it out for a cross country trip.Needless to say a hundred pound chiller in nothing more than a box arrived beat to hell (still working on a refund).Your palletized and shrink wrapped shipping was needless to say MUCH better.Combine that with your prompt shipping and I could not be happier.Thanks for doing it right!"

Dave - Mountain City, TN

"Greentrees Hydroponics has be come my top supplier for 95% of my garden needs. I spend a lot of time looking for new equipment and I continue to do buy from Greentree for two reason's price and speed of shipments'. They have the lowest price and ship quick. Home gardening has been a pleasure because of Greentree Hydro!"

EMack - Californina.

"Thanks for another timely shipment. Everything I ordered was well packed and accounted for . Thanks again!"

Leslie - Stagecoach, NV

"Man, you guys are on it. I'll be doing business with you more often, thank you."

Daniel - Nomer, AK

"Gotta say out of all the online shops i have tried you guys are the best, reason i keep coming back"

William - Waialua, HI

"You guys are the best. Everything was packed nice and tight.I've searched everywhere and your prices are the best.You have found a loyal customer for life."

Craig - Sicklerville, NJ

"Thanks for everything. Got my 3 packages today. Everything looks good. Saved about $100 from buying locally. Hope to continune doing business in the future."

Kevin - Aurora, CO

"Just wanted to drop ya'll a quick line. With so many options to choose from you consistently beat your competitors in all aspects of your business. In short .. YOU GUYS ROCK!"

Stuart - Victoria, TX

"Thank you. After 2 years of using a waterfarm drip system (which I bought from you nice folks), I can finally realize the advantages that a multiflow system like yours offers. I'm currently designing and have mostly built two outdoor and small greenhouses using 2x4 frameworks with domes. One of the frameworks will house the Multiflow controller that I just ordered from you. Many thanks."

Vince - Trabuco Canyon, CA

"A couple months ago I got the Multiflow controller (bought standalone). Several weeks later, I finally got it set up with six bucket modules, tubing, rain barrel reservoir, and an outdoor screenhouse, all in the back patio. This multiflow controller works wonderfully!!! Multiflow was straightforward (outright simple) to set up and to fine tune, even when everything but the controller is home-supplied in very piecemeal fashion. It's by far the most quiet hydroponic system I have ever seen, which makes it fantastic for a condiminium patio. And with three supply tube lines that feed 6 grow modules, filling/draining is very quick. The respective pump only needs to turn on/off once to completely fill or drain the modules. This is fantastic. I just realized that I could populate the entire back patio with modules running from this controller. Multiflow is very flexible and fully scalable, and very low maintenance !!! How nice does it get? (grins) I'll send pics when I have vegetable and basil plants that are worthy. :-)"

Vince - Trabuco Canyon, CA

"Thanks for the excellent service and speedy delivery. Your Multi Flow system is all you said it would be and more. I will definitely do business with your company again."

Larry - Stockton, CA

"I just want to thank you guys and whoever is responsible for the how to build a 4 light controller for under 80 bucks page. It was incredibly helpful, and the directions thorough. Thanks! Without your help I would still be getting mad at my intermatic rotary timers, that never go on at the right time, and difficult to have multiple lights to go on/off at the same time. I'm super happy now, much thanks, seriously. the interweb is so great and helpful. I saved myself at least $250 and got the satisfaction of making something myself."


Grow Light Controller

"Thanks for the fast and professional delivery as everything arrived in excellent condition and the packaging was perfect. It is a pleasure doing business with you, I strongly recommend your service."

Pam - Fremont, CA

"Great service, great light, fast delivery. TYVM"

David - Madison WI

"I want to thank you for your prompt professional delivery everything arrived in excellent condition, it was a pleasure doing business with you."

Bill - Venice, FL

"Just a note to thank you all for your OUTSTANDING service! I often orderonline, and shop hard to find vendors. I am VERY pleased to have found you - my items arrived perfectly, quickly and completely. I rarely find thatkind of service at the very competitive prices you offer. THANK YOU!!! Aperfect transaction, and a bonus of free samples made me giddy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - you have my business!"

Heidi - Oregon

"This is one of the most extensive, information laden, friendly to use sites I have come across. I have known about hydroponics for years and am gathering information to start my own adventure. I have fumbled through many sites, have found a lot of information, but none of them have addressed the questions I have in my head the way your site has. The way you present and share your information speaks volumes about your willingness to educate people. Thank you for that."


"I would just like to thank you for the excellent products, prices & low cost, super- fast delivery. I will definitely be ordering from you again."

Cindy -Lakeside, CA

"Thank you very much, it's been a pleasure doing business with you, and look forward to doing business with you in the future!"

Josh - Ames, IA

"Wow...excellent service...fast and reasonable prices, I will be back andam recomending you to all...thanks again."

Randy - Mccleary, WA

"Very impresssive performance on your delivery. Thank you forbeing so prompt."

Roger - Herald, CA

"Order got here extremely quickly. Everything exactly as Iordered. Thanks so much and we will do future business!!"

John - Edgewater, FL

"I am sure you already know this but you guys have an awesome company. I will order from Greentrees whenever I need anything. The service was great and super fast. I got the UPS order number and a confirmation email after I received the product. You guys have a customer for life."

Rick - Santa Cruz, CA

"I used to live off of University Drive there in Vista and you did a phenomenal job in store. I am also so happy about how you manage to make orders appear in the customers hands overnight practically. Good F***ing job! No offense, but you people are like flies on s*** when it comes to getting orders out. In my eye's you are the number one hydro website on the web and in the world. I don't remember the owner's name and would not type it here anyway, but if you're the one reading this, you have been very helpful and this is just a simple you rock as a business email. Peace. I refer people to your company almost monthly."

Charles - Joshua Tree, CA

After an order was lost in shipping -

"Hey guys, Just letting you know I DID recieve the replacement order yesterday evening. It works great so far and I am very happy. I appreciate with the way you do business, and the professional manner in which you handled the lost first order. I will continue to order from Greentrees knowing that you guys are a stand-up company, and will recommend Greentrees to all of my friends. Keep up the great work!"

Walker - Santa Rosa CA

"The shipping was fast, product was as described, and Iam very satisfied. Will do business again. Thank youand best regards!"

Albert - Costa Mesa, CA

"Thank you for such excellent service. I really do appreciate it!"

Scott - San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for the very fast turn around on shipping. Wonderful service!"

Anthony - Indianapolis, IN

"Thanks for the great service!"

Marilyn - Fairfield, CA

"Thank you for prompt and accurate service of my order. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. It`s very hard to find reputable buisnesses like yourselves, and you have my business. I look forward to doing business with Greentrees Hydroponics in the future."

Ronald - North Highlands, CA

"Thank you for the instant shipping. Your service is outstanding. I plan to use Greentrees for all of my web purchases."

Ross - Mountain Home, ID

"I got your products and I couldn't be any happier. The products work great and the shipping showed up a day earlier then I thought. My plants look great and I'll definitely use your services in the future. Yet again thanks for the outstanding service."

Kyle - Warrensburg, MO

"You guys are the greatest!!!..so fast, I love it."

Mark - Lancaster, CA

"You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for your great service. You will be first on my list of recommendations and repeat business!!!"

Charles - Radcliff, KY

"Thank you I have received the package you sent it works great. Will definitely refer your website to my friends, thank you. I love your web site."

Kyle - Las Vegas, NV

"I had tried to order a through a different company over the net. It was not the exact system but it was a good price. They said they shipped through UPS and it was going to cost $123. Then he wrote back and said shipping was going to be $90 more. He had changed shippers and now goes through DHL. So I looked around more and found your website, your prices were great. I had ordered a hps switchable for about $250 with shipping. If I would have stuck with the other company it would have been a refurbished hps non switchable for $230 with shipping. You guys had gave me a great deal and shipping was also great. The light work awesome thanks for your help. Thank you for getting my shipment here quickly."

Shane - Soldotna, AK

"The order was received and I am a very satisfied customer. I will be using you again in the future."

Derrick - Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you so much! I have the packages now and am very much excited about getting them home and trying them out. Thanks for the great support!"

Anthony - Charlottesville, VA

"Order was recieved and I am very happy with the promptness of your response to my order. Thank you and I will be ordering more in the near future."

Arik - Kerrville, TX

"Hey, Great!! Thanks for excellent service and communication. Expect much more business from me."

Rebecca - Bristol, TN

"Hi everyone at Greentrees. Thank you all for doing an outstanding job. [Your service] is so unusual, not that I do not receive what i order on the net, BUT NOT IN 3 DAYS. I know you'll will continue to sent the bar for internet business professional. Thank you"

Daniel - Belton, MO

"Got my light today. I installed it and it works great! Thank you for your quick response and delivery. Couldn't be happier."

Sergio - Stuart, FL

"Thank you very much. You are by far the best folks on the net to do business with. I will pass it on."

Daniel - Belton, OH

"I received my timer today...I thank you for your prompt andcourtesy attention in this matter.. As a business man myself I now howimportant it is to keep the customer happy and you did just that."

Logan - Hamlin, NY

"Thanks for the prompt service. Always nice to deal with professionals."

John - Port Ludlow, WA

"My plants are basking in the light - Thank you"

Bonnie - Willowbrook, IL

"Thank you for the follow up on my order. I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with the service you & your company has provided me. I do a lot of online buying, and you all top my list in customer service, and prices. P.S. Your company has just earned all my gardening needs, I look forward to doing business with you all."

Philip - Porterville, CA

"Thanks...got the order...my students are psyched.."

John - Nashville, TN

"The system you sold me is awsome. I set it up today. I will be coming back in the future. I thank you again for all of your help. Thanks again for all of your help and your products."

Ralph - Pickerington, OH

"as usual u guys are on time and complete ; u guys rock!"

Kevin - Norcross, GA

"Thank you for the prompt service. We appreciate it very much."

Stephen - Kailua Kona, HI

"I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased I am with your system. A friend and I put it together and had it up and running in no time at all. Both of us were extremely impressed with both the quality of your components and the completeness of your system. You have two very satisfied customers. Thank you supplying a great product."

Chris - Dunmore, PA

"Thank you. I like the way you run your business and will most likely be doing business with you in the future because of it. Thanks again"

Karen - Gardenerville, NV

"I received the shipped items as ordered. Thank you so much for the prompt service, and for including a catalog with my order. I will definitely look to Greentrees for any gardening supplies I may need in the future - great inventory at great prices. Thank you again!"

Rosetta - Sugarloaf, CA


Douglas - Rochester, NY

"Thank you for your service. I look forward to future purchases."

Mark - Dallas, TX

"Thank you, How fast, can't believe it. Thank you so much,"

Laura - Eustis, FL

"Once again, Thank You for the prompt service. You always seem to get my order proccessed in a timely manner, and the products are always great."

April - Irvine, CA

"Thank you Vince for the great service!"

Mark - Bakersfield, CA

"Hello just writeing to say my parts have arrived in great time. I apreciate your prompt attention I am sure I will be ordering lots more stuff due to you excellent service."

Todd - Madison Heights, MI

"You guys are just GREAT"

Jerry - Colorado Springs, CO

"Ya'll are great. I recieved the package today and everything is wonderful. Rock on with your bad-self!"

Jerry - Glen Allen, VA

"Everything is exactly what I expected and works great. Your service is fantastic, letting me know the status of my order every step of the way! I will spread the word about your great prices, products and service."

Robert - Lemoyne, PA

"Order recieved thank you, very pleased doing businesswith you.will order from you when I need equipment orsupplies."

Tony - Buffalo, NY

"I recently order the EconoCool System 400 watt High Pressure Sodium System X (upgrade to System IX). It's just came today and I have to say that I'm very happy with your products, price and shipping service. You should know that every time when I buy something online I always spent a whole day to search for the best site so I don't have to search again in the future and rather to become a loyal customer, and your site is included in my list. .. Sincerely yours,"

Joshua - Houston, TX

"HelloI must say you guys are the fastest and most reliable in service. A+Thanks"

Richard - Visalia, CA

"I'm extremely happy with the products and will most likely visit you again as my wife's indoor vegetable garden project continues."

Stephen - Suwanee, GA

"Thank you for the confirmation e-mail, tracking number, etc. Very Nice Doing Business With You."

Arslan - Metairie, LA

"Thanks for the quick service, Ill be placing another order soon."

James - Sacramento, CA

"I have to say you have really great service. Thank you for making my purchase quick and easy."

Russell - Seattle, WA

"Your company is very professional and prompt with shipment of product. And I am especially pleased with the way you handled this warranty issue! Again, thank you and you will have my future business."

Mike - Oakland, OR

"I [received my thermostat] yesterday and thank you very much and will be doing more business with you shortly!"

Chad - Irving, TX

"Thank You! You are the best. I will continue to buy my supplies from your company because of the fine service I received from you! Thanks again."

Ron - Lemoore, CA

"Thanks for the fast service! The first light I ordered from another company took almost two weeks to arrive! Keep up the good work!"

Jamie - Oakland, CA

"Thank You! -- and that was fast. Thanks again and I look forward to receiving the order and placing new one's with you!"

John - Glen Allen, VA

"Great service..you people rule! thanks so much for finding me this difficult bulb to purchase and I'll be giving you all future business."

Lou - Lancaster, PA

"I just received my items....1 day early...thanks again. p.s. thanks again for finding this size item for me...excellent service, I like that."

Jack - Keeseville, NY

"Received the bulb and it works great. I thank you for the quick turn around."

Thomas - Benicia, CA

"Thanks for your quick delivery."

Greg - Rockfield, IN

"Everything showed up in great shape. Thanks, and have a merryChristmas, we'll do business again I'm sure."

Charles - Vassar, MI

"Thanks for the quality and promptness!"

Brent - Seattle, WA

"Received my stuff day after placing order. Thank you for your excellent service!"

Bryan - Los Angeles, CA

"You guys are the best! For the record all the guys at General Hydroponics says great things about your store! I got to meet several of their best employees recently."

Christopher - Mc Kinney, TX

"Thanks for both orders, on time excellent service."

Chris - Standish, ME

"The order arrived and everything is fine. Thank you for the great service. Iwill bookmark your site for future reference. All the best to you,"

Ken - Raymond, WA

"We received our order yesterday and really appreciate your fast, efficientservice! Thank you."

Terry - Florence, OR

"Thank you!! you people have everything for my hydroponic needs. Will do business again the near future! Thanks again .... you people are great!!!"

Charles - Merced, CA

"Thanks for the updates and efficient service on my order."

F. A. - Pittsburg, IL

"Thank you. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and we willdefinitely be ordering from you again!"

Scott - Saint Peters, PA

"I thank you for your professionalism andfor keeping my status delivery info. up to date,peace and harmony"

Karl - Orono, ME

"I received the order.Thanks alot for helping me.I got my order soooo fast!Thanks again!"

Jennifer - Enid, OK

"Excellent! I just saw "Ready to ship" on the status screen. Great! You're very quick!! Awesome! Thanks"

Jose - Miami, FL

I got everything today. Man you guys are good. I should have got my fertsfrom you also. Your stuff was $12 cheaper than my local hydro store. You haveall my business in the future.

Bill - Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for the quick service. I am sure I be ordering from you again.

David - Los Angeles, CA

Very professional operation you've got going there. Thanks.

Lane - Gainesville, FL

Thanks for the great service. I look forward to your business in the future.

Jason - Houston, TX

Let their be light ... and there was light ... we were all happy thanks Iappreciate.

Eric - San Leandro, CA

Thank you for the follow up yes everything arrived and it was just what Iwanted Thank you very much I'm sure we will do business again very soon.

Cindy - Kansas City, MO

Yes, I have received the order. Thank you for checking in w/ me, for your great prices, and overall great service. I look forward toordering w/ you again. Peace.

Sean - Philadelphia, PA

I am so very pleased with this company. I have never in my 12 years ofshopping online come across a company that cares so much for their customers.The communication is prompt and sincere, and the shipping is fast and reliable.The website is simplistically user-friendly with an awesome display of products,and the prices can't be beat. Thank you again Greentrees Hydroponics for a jobwell done.

Steve - Cedarville, NJ

I would definitely order from you again.

Kiam - Rochester, MI

Thank you for your expert service. I gave the light to a friend that has agreenhouse, she grows veggies in the winter ...cant wait to have fresh greens inthe cold months....thank you once again for your super service.

Becky - Eureka, CA

"Thank you very much. Great service. Love your store. Thanks for promptservice and delivery."

Melvin - Bronx, NY

"I really appreciate all the help you've given me. Not all companies are willing to take the time with prospective customers like you did. You've got a lifetime customer with me! Well, wish me luck! "

Tom - Leesburg, FL

"Thank you so much for keeping in contact through out process. I am already preparing my next order."

J Smith - Savannah, GA

"The light is amazing!!! Thanks!!!"

Pete - Rye, NH

"Thank you for providing such fast, friendly and helpful service!"

Rusty - Hendersonville, NC

"Thanks again for the excellent service."

Mike - Telluride, CO

"That is the fastest I've ever received anything via mail. Thanks for the great customer service."

Nick - Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much, it works perfectly [light system]. This was by far the fastest shipment I've ever received in my 10+ years of online shopping. Iwill most certainly order from you again."

Steve - NJ

Thank you for delivering my order reliably and honestly. I am very happy withGreentrees Hydroponics and will most likely continue my patronage there. 

Kevin - New York, NY

Everything arrived in good shape. Thanks for the great service! 

Richard - Hillsboro, OH

"Thanks for the fast shipping and great product! I'll definitely be a repeatcustomer."

Chris - Aliso Viejo, CA

"Greetings- really glad I found out about you guys. Very good service and packaging. Good prices. ... Thanks again. Getting another ordertogether now." 

M - Mobile, AL

"Thanks for the fast shipping. I will do business with ya'll again."

Candice - Odessa, TX

"Bulbs arrived safe and sound - thanks for the great packaging andspeedy service. Will definitely use hydroponics.net when I need more stuff,thanks again for the great service."

Thomas - Creedmoor, NC

"Thanks for your time and support to get me setup properly... You are the BEST. ... You took your time and patience to help me. That means a lot! We WILLdo more business. ... Thanks again have a great day".

Logan - NY

"Thanks for rapid delivery. You have one new and happy customer."

Andrew - Vashon, WA

"Thank you very much for your exceptional customer service."

Mike - Anchorage, AK

"Thanks the light works great and you have the best prices that I've seen. Much Appreciated"

Nathan - Jackson, TN

"Thanks a million. Very professional service. All the Best"

Ed - Williams, OR

"Thank you very much....I will continue to use you for all my hydroponic needs. You guys are the best!"

Gabe - Corpus Christi, TX

"Got my order and everything looks great.......thanks for the prompt service and excellent product!"

Dennis - Eugene, OR

"If your product is as good as your service, I'll be happy. Thank you for the great service!!!"

Neil - Coatesville, PA

"I want to thank you for such good packing and speedy service. I will be ordering again soon!"

John - Fort Myers, FL

"Hello. I just thought to thank all of you for getting my order to me in 4 days. Vince took good care of me. I'll order from you again in the future. Weall need outfits like yours so we can grow into the years ahead. Thanks again."

Jack - Beverly, NJ

"Just had to tell you, you guys are good.....keep up the good service and you got me...Thanks"

Drew - King of Prussia, PA

"Thank you for the good services"

Bill - Mountain Ranch, CA

"Just wanted to say GREAT JOB thanks"

Wayne - Brigantine, NJ

"Thank you for kindness and time. You were very helpful! Have a nice day... Peace"

David - Athens, OH

"Thanks for the follow-up e-mail. I received it on the exact date you indicated when you shipped it out. I'll certainly keep you in mind for futurebusiness ... :-)"

Ed - Bensalem, PA

"Thank You. You're running a great business."

Gary - Grand Island, NE

"You guys are really on the ball. That's good business. You'll be seeing more of my money in the future. Keep up the good work. Thanks again"

Kory - Coos Bay, OR

"...I can't wait to get the light all set up and see how it works...your site had the lowest prices overall and you seem to have real good service. ...Keep up the good work, and thanks again."

Jeremy - Redding, CA

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